RTS Project has developed a new product. This is a stand alone weighing scale. This scale can::
  • Weigh
  • Register
  • Upper- and lower margin
  • Visible and audible signals at incorrect weighings
  • Weight indication in numbers and visually
  • Direct performance indication in Pieces/hour and Kilo/Hour

The first weighing scales in this series are the SAX-15, SAX-30, SAX-60. These scales have/can/are:

  • Ranges of 15, 30 and 60 kg
  • Accuracy can be set to 2, 5, 10 gram
  • Filter settings (speed of weighing) in 7 steps
  • Linkable to PC, via serial cable or CAN network.
  • Very fast stable weights

The SAX-15/30/60 weighing scale has the possibility to register 20 different product codes with upper and lower margins with 20 different employees at one time. While weighing, the weight and (un) stable weight is indicated. Furthermore, a weight indication is given with performance per hour. This performance can be given in:
  • Kilograms per hour
  • Pieces per hour

On the ride hand side an example is given of the display layout of the weigher. Here, '0.370' indicates the actual weight in kilograms. Every '<' stands for an underweight of 5% of the minimum weight. '0266AH' Indicates an actual performance of 266 packages per hour.
Furthermore, the weighing scale gives an audible signal when a packing is under or above the margins of the product code. All weighings are being stored into memory in stand alone mode. The SAX-15/30/60 can also be linked to a PC. The amount of weighing scales that can be linked is practically unlimited. In the weighing scale the following data can be retrieved, per person and per product code:

  • Amount of packs under lower margin
  • Amount of packs above the upper margin
  • Amount of packs within the upper and lower margins
  • Percentage of packs within the tolerances of the product code of the total amount weighed
  • Amount of kilo's under the lower margin
  • Amount of kilo's above the upper limit
  • Amount of kilo's within the tolerances of the product code
  • Percentage kilo's within the tolerances of the product code of the total amount weighed
  • Average weight of correctly weighed packages


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