Small packing

A small packing system automatically registers weighings done by persons. The idea behind this system is to check people on the weight of the packages they 'produced'. Do they put too much or too little and how many per hour? These questions can be answered objectively by using such a system. The system can be used for packing of the following, among others: tomatoes, chicory, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits etc.  

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In certain applications, the small packing system is very interesting:

  • When all weighings need to be registered.
  • When one is paid for a standard weight per pack and the extra overweight is not paid for.

By analyzing the data with the use of software, employees can be guided to weigh more accurate. In doing so, money is gained in two different ways:

  1. Over weight reduction: by reducing the over weight, one earns money back per kilogram of product.
  2. Prevent under weight: by preventing the risk of supplying under weight to customers, orders can not be rejected any more for this reason.

On the left hand side a picture is shown of a small pack system with 10 weighing scales linked to a central computer. Punnets of 500 grams are packed here. All necessary data is being sent to the central computer.

For small packing, RTS Project has developed a special weighing system. All scales that have a serial (RS-232) link can be used in this system. The scales are linked to small terminals. On these terminals, the employee enters his or her employee code and the starting time is recorded. Next the product code is entered and the central computer sends all the needed information to the terminal. This information contains: product code name, tare weight, under limit weight, upper limit weight etc. The terminal is provided with a beeper, which sounds when a package is packed outside the limits. When the correct weight is packed and the punnet is being removed from the system, no beep will be given and the weighing data is automatically sent to the central computer. The data sent is contains: employee, actual weight, time, date, product code etc.
At every single time during the day, the production per person, total production, performance etc. can be viewed on a computer screen. By using the software WeighSpy , all relevant information like kg/hour etc. can be calculated and seen on the computer as well.

OPTIONAL: By using lights, the amount of units to be added to the pack can be indicated or whether the actual weight is under / correct / over weight.


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