(Junior) Recipe Weigher


After RTS Project had developed the Dough production system, the question arose quickly for a low cost recipe weigher, the Junior Recipe weigher.
This junior weigher is available in two models:
  • Linked to an existing scale. The accuracy depends on the scale to which the recipe weigher is linked.
  • Linked to a stainless steel plateau. The accuracy is 60kgx2gr, or 35kgx1gr or 10kgx0.5gr.

Furthermore the Junior is obtainable in plastic and stainless steel.

The picture above shows the weigher, linked to an existing scale. The picture at the bottom of this page shows a stainless steel Junior weigher linked to a stainless steel plateau.
What is the purpose of a recipe weigher?
  • Obtaining constant quality of products
  • Ingredients can not be forgotten any more
  • Weigh the exact amounts of ingredients
  • Calculate the exact amount of ingredients
  • Less skilled personnel can make recipes
  • Save data of recipes made
  • Save amount of ingredients used
The Junior, but in fact also the 'Senior', recipe weigher works as follows. The weigher asks for a recipe to make. This can be done through entering the recipe's number or selecting the recipe from a list in the recipe weigher's memory. After a recipe has been entered, the amount to make has to be entered. This amount can be:
  • Amount of end product, for example loafs
  • Amount of baking trays
  • Amount of doughs
  • Amount of bags of flour that need to be used
  • ...
  • ..

This amount can relate to 'backing trays' for one recipe and to the amount of 'doughs' for ther other. After this entry the recipe weigher calculates the amount needed of each single ingredient in the recipe. Next, the recipe weigher shows the ingredient to weigh and the target amount on the display. At the same time, the actual weight is shown on the display. LED indicators are used to show over, under or correct weight. The recipe weigher will only continue to the next ingredient if the target weight has been reached within the acceptable tolerances. These tolerances are internally known by the recipe weigher, per ingredient.

In this way a recipe can hardly ever fail any more and no valuable production time is lost. Another advantage is the lesser lost of wasted ingredients.

On the right hand side the Junior recipe weigher is shown in stainless steel and stainless steel platform. A major advantage of this scale is that is has a greater accuracy than the Junior linked to an existing scale. In this configuration, there is no need for two scales to weigh the 'bulk' ingredients and the 'little' ingredients.



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