New Row Registration

RTS Project has developed a complete new row registration system. In this new development not only the software has been changed, but also new hardware has been introduced. The goal of this development was to create a 100% reliable system. Also, the new idea had to satisfy the need of easy expansion of the registration system.

Some important features that have been added to the new registration units are listed below:

  • Internal memory for greater reliability

  • Function keys for easier entries

  • Lights for easy indication of errors

  • More elaborate data exchange possible

  • ...


New adaptations to the software are, among others:

Picture GreenSpy

  • Simplified presentation of the overviews

  • More accurate calculations, because of a complete new internal build-up

  • Link to internet

  • Multiple overviews in one

  • Self creatable overviews

  • ...


To view some overviews of the new software package 'GreenSpy', please refer to overviews GreenSpy

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