Cluster weigher


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With a cluster weigher (TKW) of RTS Project you can be sure that the above will not happen any more. What is the goal of the cluster weigher, TKW:

  • Unskilled personnel can pack
  • No more underweight
  • Minimize the overweight to an absoluet minimum
  • One or more cluster weighers can be linked in a LAN network for central overviews
To get packages at the correct weight a lot of extra effort is needed. Again and again, skilled personnel have to take the decision whether to put away a package with overweight or continue to weigh for too long a time. Both possibilities will cost you as an entrepreneur a lot of money. Questions from the sector lead to the development of an affordable cluster weigher by RTS Project. This development took over two years. After an initial instruction of about 5 minutes, everybody can start using the cluster weigher, even without packing experience.
On 18 sections tomato clusters are put with varying weight. In a fraction of a second, a very fast micro processor calculates over 30000 combinations. The best solution to fill up a package will now be indicated by lights. The person working with the weigher is fully guided by lights. After a few days that person will be a fully trained packer and yields of up to 1500 kg per hour can easily be achieved. This amount is demonstrable. Measurements have shown that two persons can easily handle 5 hectares of produce during normal working hours. Employees that work with a cluster weigher do not want to return to the old way of packing.

We would almost forget that the cluster weigher has been developed to reduce the amount of kilo's of produce being given away. Measurements have indicated that an average of 80 to 150 grams are given away per package. At an average price of EUR 0.90 per kilogram product, the amount of product given away for nothing can be on average as high as EUR 10,000 per hectare. The cluster weigher can therefore be gained back within a year. An additional benefit is that, although one might not have row registration, important weighing data is available.

ADVANTAGES Cluster weigher:

  • Less over weight, can be reduced to 10 grams
  • Less stress for personnel, through which a more constant performance is achieved
  • Because cutting clusters is not needed anymore, there is no reduction of product quality and prices (Think of loose tomatoes)
  • Registration of weighings
  • Constant packing quality
  • ....

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