Savings Calculations for Time Registration

To calculate how much you can gain, using a time registration system (TRS) that accurately records breaks etc., fill out the top 5 fields. After this, click on the 'Calculate' button. In the box 'Gain per year' you can see your gain that return every single year.

For an explanation about the already filled out fields, see the bottom of this form.


Calculation of savings
Amount of employees
Amount of breaks per day  
Amount of working days per year  
Amount of minutes overtime/break  
Average labour costs per hour f.e. 17.50
Gain per year:   

Explanation of already entered values:

Amount of employees: An average company of 10 persons has been taken.

Amount of breaks per day: Morning, midday and afternoon breaks are common

Amount of working days per year: A year has 52 weeks. On average 5 working days per week gives 260 working days per year. 250 has been taken as a safe margin.

Amount of minutes overtime/break:
2 minutes is a very realistic value. One minute at the beginning of the break and one at the end.

Average labour costs per hour: EUR 17,50 is an average value for normally educated personel.


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