Saving Calculations for a Clusterweigher

To calculate how much you can gain, using a cluster weigher, fill out the top 3 fields. Next, click on 'Calculate'. The field 'Gain per year' now shows the amount gained per year using cluster weighers. To see how many cluster weighers you need to achieve this, fill out the bottom three fields of the calculation form. Click one more time on the 'Calculate' button. In the 'Amount of cluster weighers needed' field, this amount is given for the details entered.

For an explanation on the values already entered, please refer to the bottom of the form.

Calculation of gain 
(As an example data has been taken for ONLY ONE hectare)
Amount of packages per year
Average price per year for example 0.85
Average weight gain per package Grams
Gain per year:   

How many cluster weighers do you need for this?

Amount of cluster weighers needed:    
Amount of boxes per hour weighed:
Amount of working hours per day:  
Working days per year:  

Explanation of the pre entered values:

Amount of packages per year: A yield of 55 kg per square meter per year has been taken. The average weight of a box is 5 kg: 55 * 10000 / 5 = 110,000

Average price per year:
An average price has been taken of EUR 0.90 for cluster tomatoes.

Average weight gain per package: Research has shown that a regularly packed box has an overweight of 100 - 150 grams. With the cluster weigher a maximum over weight of 20 grams can be achieved. A gain of 80 -130 grams is therefore possible. The lowest value has been taken.

Amount of boxes per hour weighed: Using a cluster weigher, 350 to 400 boxes can be processed per hour. A very low value is taken here: 200 boxes per hour.

Amount of working hours per day: A normal working day has 8 hours.

Working days per year: A year has 52 weeks. On average every week has 5 working days: 52 * 5 = 260. 250 has been taken as a proper value.


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