ASW Weigher with Touch Screen

The ASW weigher is a general purpose indicator that can be used in many different situations. It can be used for produce weighing, truck weighbridge indicator, silo control, recipe weighing, animal weighing/registration etc. Because both hardware and firmware are made in house, the ASW indicator can be programmed according to the client’s wishes. The ASW can be supplied as a complete weighing set or only as an indicator. There are many communication options standard present on the ASW indicator. 

The control of the ASW is through a full Touch Screen interface that can also be made according to the client’s wishes. The ASW can be used in a network, where the indicators can talk to a PC or can communicate with other ASW in an intelligent weighing network. Linking the ASW to external machines is also possible. The ASW is a very fast and accurate weighing indicator, adaptable to all circumstances. Below a picture of the WST indicator without touch screen/LAN.

Possibilities of the ASW Weigher:

- 2 weighing platforms simultaneously
- CAN / LAN / USB / RS232 / RS485
- Simultaneous CAN/LAN etc. use
- Internal ADC count: 16.000.000
- 15 kg x 1 gram possible
- Loadcell input 50 Ohms and up
- Multiple loadcell connection
- Powerless I/O lines present
- External relay board(s)
- Standard management software on PC
- Externally updatable firmware
- Networkable up to 1000 units
- ….


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